What is ParkMarx™
Advertising with a twist.
ParkMarx™ Advertising transforms a simple black and white (or yellow) parking lot into an amazing advertising medium! By placing our product over existing painted stripes we turn your painted lines into an interactive advertising hub.
Why ParkMarx™
Innovation at it’s max!
ParkMarx™ patent pending product can get your message to more people faster than almost any other marketing strategy out today, our product has been tested to survive conditions around the world and be easily installed and removed.

ParkMarx™ Services
Stripes as more than stripes.
Our material can be printed to any size needed and be placed around gas pumps, cross walks, and more. Use our stripes to caution a flammable area, a warning for a work area, and more. Your need can be filled with our product!
Outdoor Ad Specialists
Property owners can finally turn their parking lots into a useful profit making tool! Stop paying for your lots to be painted and start getting paid to have our product in your lots.

Not just a billboard
ParkMarxToday’s technology helps people connect 24 hours a day. Use our product with a QR code, snap tag or a NFC chip and have customers connect with your social media, videos, coupons, and turn your advertisements interactive.
What you get
ParkMarx™ offers to create the design and of the stripe, produce the advertisement on our one of a kind material. We also offer the ability to provide the installation, maintenance, and removal of the campaign.